Overcome Your Dental Anxiety

Overcome Your Dental Anxiety

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how nice your dentist is, the idea of going to the dentist may bring fear and anxiety. Dental anxiety is fear, anxiety or stress associated with a dental setting. Being scared to visit the dentist can result in delaying or avoiding dental treatment. Things like needles, drills or the dental setting in general can trigger dental anxiety. While these feelings are pretty common, and totally normal, we have some tips to help you overcome dental anxiety!

Recognize where your fear is coming from.

What is it that you are afraid of? The best way to overcome your dental anxiety is to acknowledge and understand why you have those fears in the first place. Once you identify those fears, you should share them with your dentist so they can aid in keeping you comfortable and calming your worries.

Ask questions.

It is important to voice any concerns, questions, or discomfort you may have during your dental appointment. Your dentist is there to help you, not hurt you! A good dental team will be able to accommodate you, comfort you, and help explain any questions you have to ensure you are at ease.

Try relaxation techniques.

With any type of anxiety, finding good relaxation methods can do wonders for your nerves. Finding good meditation, visualizations and controlled breathing techniques can make a big difference in your anxiety levels throughout your appointment. Finding distractions, such as watching TV or listening to music, can help block out any frightening noises causing you stress.

Find the right dentist.

Like any doctor, your dentist should be someone you trust and have a good relationship with. Finding the right dentist who understands your fears can help you feel relaxed, at ease, and comfortable. Be honest with your dentist so they can best help put your fears at ease. It is important to read patient reviews when looking for a new dentist and find the right one for you.

Here in our office we take your comfort very seriously. We ensure new patients feel comfortable and familiar with our office. We also offer a full array of dental services to help you maintain healthy teeth. If you follow these tips, you will be on the road to beating your dental anxiety!

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