Why Staying Hydrated Can Make Your Smile Brighter

Why Staying Hydrated Can Make Your Smile Brighter

Drinking water and staying hydrated is an important part of everyday life. Summer may be ending, but it is important to stay hydrated no matter the season. There are many health benefits that come with drinking water, including healthy oral hygiene. Water is not only calorie free, but drinking fluoride rich water helps strengthen your teeth and preserve your gums. The more water you drink, the brighter your smile will be.

Keep reading to see how hydration benefits your oral health.

Strengthens tooth enamel.

Along with daily toothbrushing and flossing, drinking water can help strengthen tooth enamel. Consistent rinsing throughout the day can keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Washes away bacteria and food particles.

Plaque and bacteria can build up, leading to possible tooth decay and cavities. Unlike sugar filled drinks, water can wash away these particles to strengthen your oral hygiene.

Fights dry mouth.

Dehydration can lead to a dry mouth. This can make it more difficult to swallow and chew due to lower amounts of saliva. Drinking enough water can help prevent dry mouth and ensure there is enough saliva.

Prevents bad breath.

The same way water can prevent buildup of bacteria, it also prevents bad breath. Water is an effective way to keep your mouth clean and provide enough saliva to keep your breath feeling fresh.

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