Benefits of Clear Aligners

Benefits of Clear Aligners

Many people around the world suffer from bite issues, as well as natural gaps in their teeth. While braces were the gold standard for a while, clear aligners like Invisalign have quickly become the go to option for many.

Is Invisalign Really That Good?

Yes! Invisalign allows your teeth to re-align themselves without the worry of ruining your progress. With a dedicated and specific plan to get you started, these clear aligners provide excellent treatment in fixing one’s smile.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a clear alternative to traditional braces. Your dentist will take a digital mold of your mouth to shape the clear BPA-free plastic to best fit your teeth. From there, your plan begins! Every few weeks you will receive the next brace in the line of the treatment until your teeth are fully aligned and set. Invisalign’s platform is to simply re-adjust your teeth without the pain and inconvenience of braces.

Who Can Use Invisalign?

Almost everyone. With a 96% satisfaction rate, patients are more likely to complete their aligner treatment feeling happy, satisfied, and confident in their smile. Invisalign is a good option for those with small to moderate bite issues. However, people with more severe issues will need to look down the path of traditional braces. Your dentist will be able to guide you to the treatment that suits you best. People with more severe crowding, or other oral and dental issues may not qualify for Invisalign. It is always best to consult your dentist.

I Think I Might Want to Try Invisalign. What Should I Do?

Give us a call and set up an appointment. We’re always happy to help get you started on your journey to a long lasting, perfect smile.

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