Avoid a trip to the dentist this holiday season with these tips

Avoid a trip to the dentist this holiday season with these tips

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, unless you’ve cracked a tooth! Did you know this time of year is the busiest time for our practice? Unfortunately, there’s a spike this time of year for cracked teeth due to some common holiday treats. Keep reading to see what to avoid and what to do in the event you HAVE cracked a tooth!

Foods to Avoid

  1. Chewing on ice is a major culprit to cracking teeth. When you reach for that holiday drink this season, please don’t munch away at the ice! You can do major damage to your teeth by simply chewing on ice.
  2. Hard candy is another culprit. Similar to ice, chewing on hard candy can result in a lot of damage to your teeth. We suggest letting candies slowly melt in your mouth, or avoid them all together if you are chewing on them without realizing it!
  3. Be careful when it comes to those holiday salads as well. Sometimes we are not conscious of what we are eating and hard nuts can still do damage to those pearly whites.

Holiday Stress

Did you know that stress-related grinding of teeth can result in cracked teeth? We totally understand how stressful the holidays can get, but try to take some time to yourself to relax with a hot cup of tea. It could save you a trip to the dentist!

Already cracked a tooth? Here’s what you can do!

So maybe you already cracked that tooth, it’s okay! First thing’s first, don’t panic. Call up your dentist ASAP to make an appointment. If you want a quick fix, Tuttle Dental Care can get you a permanent crown in as little as one visit thanks to our CEREC 3-D imaging and milling machine. we can also As dentists, we are trained to handle tooth fractures and cracks to get you in and out and back on track this holiday season.

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