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Summer is finally in full-swing! With vacation season here, your smile is an important part of feeling your best during this relaxing time of the year. While it’s typically a busy season with weddings, travel plans, barbecues, and much more, make sure those pearly whites look and feel great all season long. Take a look at the best summer smile tips below to kick this summer off right.

The Ultimate Summer Smile Tips:

  • Maintain your regular dental check-ups by booking an appointment with us. It’s important to keep your teeth healthy by getting them cleaned every six months.
  • Schedule a teeth whitening appointment. Your smile will shine with a little help from our experts. We will make sure your teeth and smile stay bright all season long.
  • Brush and floss everyday. Brushing your teeth twice a day keeps your teeth healthy and clean. Plus, don’t forget to floss to remove unwanted food and to ensure healthy gums.
  • Switch out your old toothbrush. Every three to four months you should swap out your used, old toothbrush for a shiny, new one! This will allow you to get the most out of every brushing session.

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